Ay Caramba is not Mexican, Tex-Mex or even a Latin restaurant. It is a restaurant that has borrowed from all of those wonderful cuisines to create a unique style of food. Always changing, always evolving, because life is never static. It truly is a melting pot of flavors like the country that it was born from.

Ay Caramba was born accidentally. No long time dreams, no epiphanies or lights going off in blinding revelation. We were never looking for a new concept that was going to revolutionize the restaurant world. It was one of those things that, without our intent, sometimes propel us into a new destiny.

It has always been our belief that there is nothing we can’t do. Hard work, a bit of luck combined with perserverance can always make up for many of our short comings.

The opportunity to open a restaurant was presented to us and although we had no experience in that field, we suspected that all we needed to know was how to be a consumer. And we, as most of you, are experts at that.

I have always been health conscious without going off the deep end. So, that was one of the requirements of the food I looked to consume and now create. I wanted it to be fresh, of high quality, of good value and most importantly delicious. So in this spirit Ay Caramba was born.

Our only rule in life has been to do everything we did well or not bother doing it at all. Excellence it’s the only goal worth pursuing. If you doubt that just ask our mother she will tell you in no uncertain terms.

If we have to label ourselves, as sometimes its necessary, I would say that our food is Mexican inspired. In collaboration with Victor Cortes our wonderful, hard working chef, we have created a menu that promises excellent taste, fresh quality ingrediants at affordable prices. So throw out your preconceived ideas of what this food is supposed to taste like and embrace the new taste of our global world.

Welcome to Ay Caramba and its Latin Fusion cuisine. We hope you like what we think is the best food in town.