Guacamole and Chips $6.95
Crispy homemade corn chips dancing around a mountain of
freshly prepared guacamole.

Salsa and Chips $5.95
Corn Chips and fresh salsa, a perennial all time favorite.

Sweet Fried Plantains $3.45
One taste of these ripe fried plantains and you'll go bananas.

Tostones with Garlic Mojo $3.45
Green plantains fried to a crisp with garlic sauce on the side. So good!

Sweet Potato Fries $3.45
Sweet potatoes fried into crisp delicious strips of sugary goodness.

French Fries $3.45
This side of the border. Made to order never tasted so good.

Ay! Caramba Fries $5.95
Fries with melted cheese, scallions, Creole sauce and sour cream.

Chili Fries $6.95
Fries topped with ground beef, beans and melted cheese. A sin.

Spicy Fries $3.45
French Fries kicked up notch or two.

Temptation Rings $4.95
Classic battered crispy onion rings topped with jack and cheddar cheese.

Flautas $5.95
Three fried stuffed tortillas with your choice of beef or chicken topped
with Creole sauce, guacamole and sour cream.

Nuclear Bombs $4.95
Six fried cheddar or cream cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers served
with scallion and pepper sauce.

Skinny Gorditas $4.95
A homemade corn and cheese tortilla topped with chopped mixed
vegetables, chopped chicken breast and topped with melted jack
Cheddar cheese. Our homemade spicy green corn salsa on the side.

Gorditas Rancheras $5.95
A homemade corn and cheese tortilla topped with black beans,
imported chorizo, Pico de gallo, and topped with melted cheese.
Our own homemade spicy green corn salsa on the side.

Ay! Caramba Gorditas $5.95
A homemade corn and cheese tortilla topped with Pico de gallo,
shrimp, melted Jack and Cheddar cheese with salsa verde on the side.

Empanadas de Chicken, Beef or Vegetables $3.95
Two pastry shells filled with, mixed vegetables, cheese, Rice
and potatoes. Served with a side of spicy scallion and pepper sauce.

Chicken Fingers $4.95
Strips of breaded chicken breast, served with our homemade honey,
mustard dressing or BBQ sauce.

Chipotle Chicken Wings $7.95
Smokey chipotle chilies add the fire to this traditional snack to
make you soar on wings of pure delight. We dare you to eat just one.
Ten pieces per serving.