Ay! Caramba! Shrimp Soup $5.95
A saucy scallion and pepper broth flavored with lemon, cilantro,
scallions, chopped tomato, peppers and cilantro sauce, grilled shrimps
and topped with sliced avocado.

South of the Border Chicken Soup $4.95
Chicken broth infused with cilantro and scallions, rice, tomatoes
and tender chunks of Chicken breast. It is penicillin for all that ails you.

Black Bean Soup $4.95
A vegetable broth, slowly simmered black beans, and a myriad of
spices to create a thick delicious and smooth nectar worthy of the gods.

Tortilla Soup $5.95
Chicken broth, corn tortillas, a touch of cheddar cheese, cilantro
and south of the border spices. Yeah baby!